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Rushabh Mehta

From Zero to BI in 10 Minutes or less


Finally a technology that the Information Worker can use to take raw data and turn it into valuable information in a matter of minutes from the comfort of their own desktop! In this very exciting and interactive session full of exciting demos, we will walk you through taking raw information from a variety of sources and building a powerful analytical model that can then be used for deep analysis and reporting. We will further see how this set of technologies revolving around the Office 2010 platform and SQL Server 2008 R2 will transform the way information workers will become self-sufficient with their ad-hoc BI and reporting needs.


If you are an information worker, a data junkie, a BI wannabie, want to see some amazing advancements in the Microsoft SQL Server technology stack or just spend an evening and have dinner with us then plan to attend this incredible session.



About Rushabh

Rushabh is the President of PASS (The Professional Association for SQL Server), a leading BI expert working with Solid Quality Mentors and also the Managing Director for Solid Quality India P.L. Rushabh has been architecting and implementing large and complex Business Intelligence solutions for organization like Raymond James, Microsoft, US Department of Defense, Jackson Hewitt and many more for over 10 years. He has also developed a number of industry best practices in Business Intelligence arena. Rushabh has also written multiple advanced training courses in Business Intelligence and to date has delivered over 4000 hours of advanced classroom training to over 250 organizations around the world. Rushabh has also mentored a large number of BI professionals around the world, providing them the know-how to successfully build BI solutions for their organizations. Rushabh speaks regularly at large conferences such as PASS, Tech Ed and many others around the world and can frequently be found speaking at some local user group during his travels. Rushabh is also a recipient of the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award in the SQL Server competency consecutively for the past 4 years and was recently a contributing author for a book on SQL Server Integration Services 2008 (Problem-Design-Solution) where he wrote a chapter outlining a solution for building a scale-out ETL process with SSIS based on work he did at Microsoft for building the analytical platform for Windows Azure.


About Solid Quality Mentors

Founded in 2002, Solid Quality Mentors is comprised of over 100 of the leading experts in over 10 active subsidiaries around the world, specializing on Microsoft Data Platform and providing advanced and custom training, mentoring and expert consulting services. Our customers include Microsoft, AT&T, Associated Press, Alcoa Howmet, BBC, Capital One, Career Builder, Concord Group Insurance, Conoco Phillips, Georgia Pacific, Harris Interactive, Jackson Hewitt, Lockheed Martin, Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance, Premier Bankcard, Progressive Insurance, Raymond James, USDA, US Veterans Health Administration, US Department of Defense, Zillow.com and many more. You can find more information at www.solidq.com or contact us at info@solidq.com.


Christian Coté

SQL Server Integration Services 2008 Overview

SSIS is more than ideal when it comes to data integration from various sources. In this presentation, the following topics will be covered:

  • Overview of major SSIS package tasks and data flow components.
  • SSIS 2008 most useful new features.
  • Demonstration: sample problem easily solved by SSIS: data source integration of various format (XML, Flat Files, Excel) in a data mart.


I have been in IT for more than 12 years. I am a Microsoft Certified Technical Specialist in Business Intelligence (MCTS-BI). For about the last 10 years, I have been involved as a consultant in ETL/BI projects. My ETL projects were done using various ETL tools as well as using plain code with various RDBMS (Oracle, SQL Server). I am currently working on my sixth SSIS implementation in 3+ years. I am involve in the community by giving several presentations on Microsoft SQL Server BI suite an as being co-leader for SQL Server at Montreal .Net User group.


Competitive Computing
354 Mountain View Dr. - 4th Floor
Wednesday, July 29, 2009 6:00 PM

Please RSVP and indicate if you would like pizza. There is no sponsor for the meeting so the cost is $5 per person for pizza.

Hugo Shebbeare

SQL 2008 Row and Page compression – or SQL 2005 (post SP2) vardecimal conversion

One of the great new features in SQL 2008 is Row and/or Page Compression. Plus, for those of you on SQL 2005 in production who might be there for a long while; there’s a decent feature you can take advantage of too that is very expensive to do in SQL 2008. Why? Compression in SQL 2008 requires the Developer or Entreprise edition to be installed, so if you want to benefit from this mega space saver (like 1.3TB down to 650GB as I have seen, plus queries running at as little as 40% the time they took before) you will be happy with VARDECIMAL conversion in SQL 2005 (pre-requisite of SP2). Both have stored procedures that you can run to estimate how much space you will save: so SQL DBAs - get out there and compress, it's your I/O, performance and space saving duty!

SQL Server DBA living in Montreal, Quebec, Canada since 1998. Born and raised in Vancouver (until 1993), then Melbourne for school/work (twice for 6/7 months in '90/'94), Brussels from '94-'98 for University degree from Vesalius College  (with six months in Washington, D.C. '97 for the Foreign Policy Semester at American Uni.), then Montreal since graduation in June 1998. Working as a SQL Server DBA since '99 (with certifications mcdba '01, mcitp '08), and as independent data/mail/web consultant since '02 (Project Manager for technical projects with certification - pmp '05/09).


Competitive Computing
354 Mountain View Dr. - 4th Floor

Hugo Shebbeare

Database Mirroring and Implementation of Automatic Fail-Over

Implementation of Automatic Fail-over in a Database Mirroring Session with the use of a Mirror. We shall examine the prerequisites of Mirroring (port verification, service pack levels, optimisation, etc), the preference to use 64-bit and why, plus testing with RedGate's Data Generator, as well as general tips to monitor mirroring endpoints.Implementation of Automatic Fail-over in a Database Mirroring Session with the use of a Mirror. We shall examine the prerequisites of Mirroring (port verification, service pack levels, optimisation, etc), the preference to use 64-bit and why, plus testing with RedGate's Data Generator, as well as general tips to monitor mirroring endpoints.

Born and raised in Vancouver, Canada, with a brief excursion to study in Brussels, Melbourne & Washington D.C., Hugo has been working with SQL Server since 1998. He’s busied himself as a DBA since 1999 (with mcdba & mcitp certifications in ‘01 & ‘08 respectively), as independent consultant with his own company, Intellabase Solutions, since 2002 (now part time), and recently took on a permanent position with Canadian Printing giant Transcontinental; managing not only his favourite RDBMS, but also MySQL 5.x and Oracle 10/11. He enjoys writing documentation for quick, safe infrastructure rebuilds and expansions, and most challengingly, propositions to Executives Management. He has spoken at SQLteach/DevTeach, Montreal Dot Net User Group, Roman Rehak's Vermont User Group, has a weekly blog on SQLServerCentral, and has been recognised as a SQL Server MVP in 2010. Hugo will be speaking in Redmond for SQL Saturday #43.

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