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The Vermont Sql Server Special Interest Group was founded in April 2003 by a group of professional developers and DBAs to create a community for learning and sharing knowledge.

Our Group usually meets once every other month on Wednesday, in the Burlington area. We are a special interest group affiliated with the Vermont Dot Net User Group.

We would like to thank MyWebGrocer for their generous donation of meeting space!


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VT-SQL:"Top Free Tools for Tuning SQL Statements”

  • Online @ 20 Winooski Falls Way Winooski, Vermont, United States (map)
  • 18:00 - 19:30 Eastern Daylight Time
  • Language: English

For this meeting we will be playing a recording of a presentation given by Kevin Kline and Aaron Bertrand at the PASS Summit 2014. This recording is made available to our user group by PASS, otherwise it is only available to those that have attended the conference. Viewing pre-recorded sessions is one of the new user group meeting formats recommended by PASS. It allows smaller groups to have more frequent meetings and greatly simplifies the logistics of getting a live speaker. 

Session description 

In this demo-packed session, you’ll learn practical tips and tricks for SQL code tuning to help you with some of the most problematic and troublesome SQL coding issues. Using a variety of free community tools, you’ll learn tips and tricks you can take home and immediately apply to your SQL code. You’ll learn things like:   

1.      How to benchmark performance for specific server configurations using the free tool, HammerDB. 
2.      A little-known technique to create a tiny version of large production databases, yet deliver query execution behaviors as you would see in production. 
3.      Sneaky DBCC commands which help you replicate a full production server on your simple workstation, as well as how to turn on and off specific query engine optimizations. 
4.      Best practices in reading execution plans using the free tool, Plan Explorer.  
5.      A variety of T-SQL techniques, including the best way to write a cursor, a quick trick that can save you 20-30% processing times on your big stored procedures, and some weird situations where SQL Server doesn’t use cached plans when it should.

Welcome to the VT SQL Server Users Group

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